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Nick Curtis is a well-established art critic, curator, and author within the designer toy community. He is currently the editor-in-chief of CoART Magazine, an online journal he founded in 2015 with his wife that is focused on editorials/features, exhibition reports, and video reviews. An infrequent contributor for Spanky Stokes (2012-Present), he is a former editor of Clutter Magazine (2013-2015), curator of the Clutter Gallery (2012-2016), and an organizer of the Designer Toy Awards (2014 & 2015). As a trusted source within the designer toy movement, he was granted a Judging Panel position for the Designer Toy Awards beginning in 2018, was the interviewed subject of a Marsham Toy Hour broadcast, and has contributed to several print books, including the introduction to the posthumous collection Roman Shevchenko: My Toys and various articles for German artist VISEone's monograph, BLACKBOOK: A Retrospective 2010-2017.

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